Poncha2016 Rocket Dog Magic, Women's Trainers, Black (Canvas Black), 8 UK (41 EU):Poncha2016
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Rocket Dog Magic, Women's Trainers, Black (Canvas Black), 8 UK (41 EU):Poncha2016

Rocket Dog
Rocket Dog Published in October 15, 2018, 9:00 am
 Rocket Dog Magic, Women's Trainers, Black (Canvas Black), 8 UK (41 EU):Poncha2016

Rocket Dog Magic, Women's Trainers, Black (Canvas Black), 8 UK (41 EU):Poncha2016

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Oliver Reply to on 9 December 2016
These shoes look really nice, and they're very comfortable, but they're not long lasting at all. I've only had them for two months and they already have a hole in the sole. I had another pair of rocket dog shoes that I also wore out in about 2-3 months, but I assumed that was a one off and since their shoes are so comfortable I decided to buy another pair. Big mistake. I don't do anything but walk in these shoes (no jogging or sports or anything like that), and yet they're worn out in only two months. I think the quality of the materials must be quite poor, even flimsy shoes like converse normally last me several months to a year before the soles wear out.
H. M. Anderson
H. M. Anderson Reply to on 2 April 2017
Very good shoe. Good fit (size 8 narrow) and comfortable. Rocket Dog are always a good purchase. My only concern/negative comment it to note they are not for a lot of walking. The sole is very thin and flat and not meant for a lot of exercise; I would put these as a fashion/plimsole style shoe not for heavy tourist walking around a city all day. I wouldn't recommend wearing these without socks, they're quite rough on the inside (made a hole on the heel in brand new socks in one day).

addendum: have had them <two months and already the sole is split on both shoes, and inside the split is open. I am very disappointed as I have not worn them for long, nor every day, or on particularly punishing terrain; just on pavements or grass. They look like I've had them for years of heavy use! 4 down to 3 stars.
MissKittin Reply to on 20 May 2018
I love these trainer: they are comfy, slim fitting (which is great for my narrow and painful feet) so your feet won't slide about in these, they look great, i love the velvet. But, I have docked two stars as the black on the soles and sides (presumably not proper paint/ whatever) is starting to come away which is a real shame, as I love these trainers otherwise. They seem fairly well made and will probably last a while but if, you are like me, and were hoping for a completely black trainer (black for life!) then you'll be disappointed.

I wanted to buy these in pink too as they were so comfy but now I'm not going to.
Shirls74 Reply to on 20 April 2018
I bought these Rocket Dog gutties in the red & the blue & i love them both. Super comfy & they look great with my flared jeans, as they have a lovely thick white sole. I've only had them a few weeks, but hopefully the quality will last me well through the summer. I'm normally a size 6, but i bought a 7 & it's a good tip
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 8 June 2016
I love Rocket Dog as they are so comfortable, and these haven't let me down. I may even order another pair in a different colour.
Marsha Dee
Marsha Dee Reply to on 19 August 2017
I absolutely love these trainers.I have wide feet and these were edging towards being a bit big so theres plenty of room in them.
Basta Reply to on 2 September 2016
Love them now not what most people would wear on their wedding day but these are my wedding shoes as I like to be comfy and could do without my feet hurting on one of the best days of my life, goes with the dress perfectly
MissyMuffet Reply to on 29 July 2016
Although these shoes were very comfortable I had to return them. I am pretty self conscious of my "thin" ankles, and even though my feet are a size 5 they made my feet look huge on comparison with my ankles lol.
Lisa Reply to on 18 August 2018
I love these Rocket Dogs as they have more bounce, make me feel a little taller in canvas trainers and in a funky silver colour. Not too bling but nice to go out in. My second pair.
evelyn Reply to on 24 September 2016
They hurt my feet and are heavy couldnt be bothered to send back these days you dont expect to break shoes in with these you do.they look good but thats all.
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