Poncha2016 Sabichi Candy Spot Shopping Bag with Wheels:Poncha2016
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Sabichi Candy Spot Shopping Bag with Wheels:Poncha2016

Sabichi Published in October 15, 2018, 8:28 am
 Sabichi Candy Spot Shopping Bag with Wheels:Poncha2016

Sabichi Candy Spot Shopping Bag with Wheels:Poncha2016

Price:£9.99+ Free shipping

The Vets Retirement Plan
The Vets Retirement Plan Reply to on 27 May 2016
I bought two, one for me and one for a friend. After reading the reviews we knew not to over load. But the first time my friend used hers a bolt was lost sending the wheel off on its own so she carried her shopping home. I then took mine out a few days later and could not work out why it would not wheel and the fact the wheel kept collapsing or catching with the stand so again I had to carry mine as it would not function at all within yards of trying to use it. I got home and realised the base had been put on at an angle on one side so was never going to function as a wheelie bag. All in all an utter was of money and not returned due to the farce of doing so.
lilyofthevalley Reply to on 12 September 2012
this looks good but is absolute rubbish, it broke on first trip to the supermarket. Waste of money, dont buy it.
Sovereign Reply to on 20 October 2012
A nice looking shopping "trolley",good strong canvas material but not much good without wheels!!
The first time I used it they fell off,leaving me with no bag & shopping to carry. Manufacturors take note your trolley needs STRONG WHEELS.
Misty1973 Reply to on 6 March 2018
I used this for the first time today and it's just what I need. I had 4 pints milk and assorted fruits and vegetables also a few extras, and it was fine, also easy to lift off a bus and over kerbs. Packed away very tidy.
gwenjo Reply to on 30 March 2018
Brilliant!Quite sturdy and adequate for my weekly shop.I've had it admired by other shoppers when I have been opening it out.I was so pleased that I bought my friend one for Christmas and she is delighted too as they are so compact before use.
linzy wingate
linzy wingate Reply to on 14 July 2018
Ideal for not taking up much room iwhere ever u store it and is ideal if are just buying a few light items but it isn’t very good for anything with some weight in it as I only put about twelve cans of juice in it and the wheel broke.
Catherine O'Neill
Catherine O'Neill Reply to on 12 March 2015
Great at first, till the wheels fall off. So they were great, got a replacement, the wheels have fallen off again.
And because it's out of the 30 day warranty, they won't sort it out.
Thoroughly Dissapointed
Sarah Wilson
Sarah Wilson Reply to on 27 October 2015
WARNING !!!!!! This product is not fit for purpose... It will cost you £5.00 to return with the chance they may or may not refund postage. My underneath wheel bar snaped inside after one use causing the wheels to buckle ( and no i didn't fill it with heavy goods )
Lorraine Horry
Lorraine Horry Reply to on 22 November 2017
I now have four of these. They are so handy. I leave mine in the boot of my car and anything heavy goes right into the bag. They aren’t very big but that’s part of the appeal. Really useful to have.
L. B. Peltz
L. B. Peltz Reply to on 2 April 2018
Excellent easy to use shopping trolley on wheels that folds up small enough to go into a shopping bag if large shop is required.
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